Three school children struck down in Berbice accident


Three school children were struck down on the road at Bush Lot on the Corentyne Coast around lunch on Friday; they have all been hospitalised.

Reports are that nine-year-old Roshini Mohan, a student of the Kildonan Primary School, was attempting to cross the road when she was struck down by a car driven by a doctor.

After crashing into the child, the driver then swerved to the side of the road where he crashed into two teenagers, sending them into the air. One of them landed on a man who was on a bicycle before collapsing on the road. The other child fell onto the vehicle and then rolled off.

The driver emerged from his vehicle but was unable to render assistance as he was in a state of shock, eyewitnesses said. Some residents threatened to beat him and set his car alight.

Members of the public rushed the children to the Port Mourant Hospital; two of them were transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital in a serious condition.

The driver is in Police custody.

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