Corentyne man turns 103


Victor Lewis of Brighton Village in Corentyne, Berbice on February 25 celebrated another milestone birthday.

Lewis is the oldest resident in the village at 103 and is as lively as ever. He was born in 1917 at Eversham Village but spent most of his life in Brighton.

Lewis said he is thankful for life because, at such an age, he can still do everything for himself and walks normally.

“As long there is no sickness within the body I am alright,” he said.

He believes that God has kept him alive for so long.

“I can’t say what kept me so long but is God work, the almighty maker is in it. People say yuh do good yuh will live long boy” Victor noted.

As a young lad, Lewis loved cricket just like most Guyanese. He is now a member of the Eversham Presbyterian church.

After finishing school, Lewis started working as a carpenter; he spent over 80 years working as a carpenter and is responsible for numerous houses and buildings in East Corentyne Berbice.

He also built the house he is currently living him.

In his late 20s, Lewis met a young woman Monica Williams, who would become his wife and the mother of their 12 children. His wife died many years ago and Lewis never remarried.

Lewis currently has 23 grandchildren and 31 great-grands.

He believes that life should be measured not by the number of the years, but by the love shared.

Family and friends gathered at Lewis’ residence in Brighton Village on Saturday last to celebrate his life.

The United Nations (UN) in 2015 said the life expectancy for men in Guyana increased from 62 years to 68.

The UN highlighted that the increase was due to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer and HIV/AIDS. Additionally unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking alcohol.

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