Bar operators, party host arrested for breaching curfew in Berbice


Several persons were arrested on Sunday for breaching the countrywide COVID-19 curfew in the Canje area and along the Corentyne in Berbice.

Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus told the News Room that four bar operators and one person who hosted a birthday party were arrested between 10:00hrs and 13:00hrs Sunday.

“During yesterday the patrols did the normal check to monitor that persons are adhering to the regulations in the curfew for coronavirus and several persons were found in breach, particularly those who operate rum shops and bars,” the Commander said.

Superintendent Brutus explained that the intention is to fully prosecute these persons as soon as court reconvenes.

Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus

“Soon as court reconvenes they are going to be processed for court.”

It was also noted that these persons can have their licenses revoked.

The Government implemented the curfew and other emergency measures with immediate effect from April 03 to May 03 2020 in an effort to stem the spread of the new Coronavirus virus.

The Commander urged that persons adhere to the curfew and other measures to safeguard themselves against the deadly disease.

“These measures taken is necessary at this time to ensure this deadly virus don’t spread and adhering to it would help others to not contract this disease,” the Commander said.

As of April 5, Guyana recorded a total of 29 confirmed COVID-19 cases; that number also includes four deaths.


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