Gov’t takes over Ocean View Hotel


The Government of Guyana under ‘The Acquisition of Lands for Public Purpose Act’ has signed an order to take full ownership of the Ocean View Hotel.

The order, signed by Minister of State Dawn Hastings Williams, is dated April 29.

The cost for the acquisition of the building or the 5.738 acres of land on which it is situated was not stated.

The order gave permission to the “Commissioner of Lands and Surveys, together with his agents, servants or workmen” to enter on the land for surveying or otherwise examining such land with a view to the acquisition of the whole or part thereof for public work.

However, construction began at the location weeks ago to transform the hotel into a National Sanatorium to house COVID-19 patients.

The works include replacing the building’s entire roof and windows.

Recently, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) Joseph Harmon disclosed that engineers have to undertake drainage and irrigation works at the facility in order to effectively combat flooding which the land is prone to, during spring tides.

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