PSC statement on Carter Center Observer Mission


Statement by the Private Sector Mission:

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has noted the statement by the Carter Center that it is awaiting approval from the Government of Guyana for it to travel to Guyana to observe the recount of the votes cast in the March 2020 elections.

The PSC, itself an observer to these elections, is aware of the valuable contribution of the Carter Center to democracy and free and fair elections in Guyana for more than 20 years.

The Carter Center is an accredited observer to the May 2020 election which remains incomplete until the declaration of the results. As the body constitutionally responsible for supervising elections and the power to ensure fairness in the process, GECOM must ensure that the process is completed transparently and fairly and deliver results considered as credible by all fair minded.

Since the enactment of the General Elections (Observers) Act No. 17 of 1990, observers have been recognized as a vital part of the electoral process in Guyana.

The foreign observers were invited by the President to participate in the 2020 elections by virtue of section 3. (1) of the Act after consultation with the Chairman of the Elections Commission. It is now the duty of both the President and the Chairman to facilitate the early return of the foreign observers by issuing such instructions and directions as are necessary.

Our country has suffered long enough by the failure of GECOM to deliver on its constitutional mandate. The President and the Chairman Justice Claudette Singh must, therefore, act immediately so that a credible recount can begin expeditiously.

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