COVID-19: MYO embarks on food hamper drive


The Muslim Youth Organisation of Guyana (MYO), located in Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands, Georgetown, has embarked on distributing 500 food hampers to the poor, needy and vulnerable in Guyana.

“This initiative was as a result of bringing much needed aid to help ease the economic hardships faced by this COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic that has plagued the world,” MYO said in a statement.

“The Muslim Youth Organisation of Guyana understands the great and enormous pressure and economic and financial stress that this COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic has placed on individuals and families throughout Guyana.”

According to MYO, the hampers will be distributed across Guyana, namely at Wales, Canal Number One and Number Two, La Parfaite Harmonie, Windsor Forest, Leguan, Rose Hall, Port Mourant, Canje, Timehri, Kuru Kuru, Peters Hall and Georgetown.

“Our aim is to provide food hampers to as many as possible as a means of assisting them in providing meals to their families, more so in this Holy Month of Ramadan, where Muslims are commanded to give Zakaat (Charity) to the poor and needy as long as they have the required amount of Nisaab,” MYO said.

“Zakat (Charity) in Islam is a means of purification of the wealth acquired and not a means of diminishing the wealth. The best charity is that given in this month of Ramadan.”

MYO wishes to express profound gratitude to the many donors who have contributed to the food hamper distribution drive, whether by cash or the donation of food items.

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