APNU+AFC maintains it won elections but says results not credible


The incumbent APNU+AFC coalition continues to maintain that it was victorious at the March 2 general and regional elections but also claims there was major electoral fraud that renders the results not credible.

“But make no mistake, the APNU+AFC has been and remains confident that we were successful at the poll. We, however, must stay focused on the validity of each vote which gives credibility to the process,” said Joseph Harmon, Campaign Manager of the APNU+AFC, in a statement on the party’s Facebook page Monday.

Harmon reiterated the long lists of persons it claims are either dead or migrated but are marked off as having voted and called on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to say how and when they will resolve these issues.

Since the recount of the votes commenced on May 6, the coalition has been making numerous objections during the process citing electoral fraud but is yet to provide any evidence.

Harmon said there are 86,367 votes from 699 ballot boxes that need to be explained by GECOM.

“Our investigations have revealed that as of May 22, the electoral theft and scheme is unravelling and 86,367 votes cannot be explained or accounted for. This directly goes to the credibility of these elections. These unaccounted votes are evidence of a fraudulent attempt to steal the elections, suppress the will of the majority of the Guyanese people who voted for the APNU+AFC,” Harmon said.

Even though the APNU+AFC has claimed it won the elections, it has refused to present the copies of the Statements of Poll it has in its possession to show how it won the elections.

The recount process has so far shown that there was clear electoral fraud in District Four, with the numbers systematically bumped up in order to give APNU+AFC a victory.

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