Watershed moment as District Four recount results certified


It was a watershed moment Tuesday afternoon as parties signed off on the certificate of recount for District Four, the country’s largest electoral district, showing clearly a win for the PPP and also showing the fraud that was committed when the District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo made his first two declarations.

There were loud cheers from party representatives who signed the document and praises for the professional conduct of Information Technology officer Aneal Giddings who managed the process in the tabulation room leading to the certification of the results of all ten electoral districts.

All the parties signed the certificate of the results except the APNU+AFC.

The results show clearly that the declaration made by District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo on March 6, which was thrown out by the High Court, and the other declaration he made on March 13, were fraudulent.

The recount showed that Mingo engaged in electoral fraud and inflated the votes in a quest to let David Granger’s APNU+AFC stay in office.

The recount shows that APNU gained 116, 941 votes as opposed to 136, 057 that Mingo declared on March 13.

The recount also showed the PPP gained 80,920 but Mingo had declared 77, 231 for the party.

The combined total of the recount figures for all ten districts shows the PPP has won the elections by over 15,000 votes.

The Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield now must take the totals from all ten districts and submit a report with a summary of the observations made during the recount to the Guyana Elections Commission on or before Saturday.

The Commission will have three days to study the report and then determine if to ask Lowenfield to prepare another report from which they will declare a winner of the elections.

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