Ramjattan concedes Coalition defeated in statement to staff


Khemraj Ramjattan, leader of the Alliance for Change, the main Coalition partner in APNU+AFC, has conceded that the Coalition lost the elections to the PPP in a message to his staff this week.

“It is with a little sadness that I want to say a couple of words to you,” Ramjattan began, saying that the results of the election have shown “the numbers were against us.”

In his statement, a recording of which was heard by the News Room, Ramjattan said he was prepared to “accept and to move on.”

He said that while the declaration has not yet been made, “from all indications, the PPP has beaten us by some 15, 000 votes.”

Ramjattan is also the Coalition’s Prime Ministerial Candidate.

He said he hopes for a “soft landing” once the declaration is made. Ramjattan further said he did not want to be a part of any lawlessness.

He said losing is not a death penalty and in modern democracies if you go in a race, someone has to lose.

He compared the national vote recount to the replay shown on a giant screen during a cricket match. The recount showed clearly that the PPP has won the elections.

Ramjattan described losing as a “difficult time for me” but that in politics you will get a winner and loser.

He recognised that there was tension in the society and repeated that he hopes for a “soft landing,” and said he has spoken to the Commissioner of Police so that everything would be in control.

He said once the declaration is made and the new President is sworn in, his portfolio comes to an “abrupt end.”

He said the Coalition will have to work in Parliament as a formidable opposition, and said the Coalition is “a formidable force on any side” and though he said he is disappointed, the Coalition’s supporters should not “feel bad” or go into despair.

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