CARICOM looks forward to speedy conclusion of electoral process- Mottley


Outgoing Chairperson of CARICOM Mia Mottley on Friday said the region looks forward to the speedy conclusion of Guyana’s ongoing electoral process.

She expressed regret that after four months there is still no clarity on when the process will conclude noting that CARICOM now awaits the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

“It is regrettable that today, the 3rd of July, there is still no clarity as to the conclusion of that electoral process but we have said what we’ve had to say on that matter and we await the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ),” Mottley said during a virtual event to hand over her chairmanship of CARICOM to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mottley along with four other CARICOM Heads of Government visited Guyana following the March 2nd elections where they managed to broker an agreement for a national recount.

The former Chairperson then put together a team of officials to scrutinize the recount process and that team has presented its report in which it endorsed the recount figures which showed the Opposition PPP won the elections.

Mottley then released a statement in which she blasted the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield for submitting a report that did not reflect the conclusion of the vote recount.

She was criticized by members of the incumbent for her comments.

President David Granger was not a part of the CARICOM special meeting on Friday. The Guyana Government was represented by Karen Cummings joined the meeting after Mottley concluded her comments on Guyana.

Mottley on Friday said the region stands by clear values and authorities cannot ignore those principles when it is not convenient for them.

“We have made it clear the values that we stand for and those are reflected in the CARICOM Charter for Civil Society…we cannot ignore principles when it is inconvenient to stand by them,” she noted.

She added “I say simply this, Guyana has a bright future, Guyana must have a future that makes every Guyanese a winner and not just some.”

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