93 COVID-19 cases in Reg. 1; Chairman wants ‘partial’ lockdown in Mabaruma


A total of 93 persons have so far tested positive for COVID-19 in Region One with 82 in the Moruca sub-district and 11 in Mabaruma.

To date, six persons have recovered in Moruca which means that there are 75 active cases there while one person has recovered in Mabaruma resulting in 10 active cases there.

Moruca has emerged as the new COVID-19 hotspot in the country which has resulted in a complete lockdown of the district. The communities affected are Santa Rosa, Waramuri and Kwebana.

Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley told the News Room Thursday that he is fearful of the cases in Mabaruma spiralling out of control and this is why he is advocating for a partial lockdown.

Ashley said the region has a high unemployment rate which is made worse by the restrictions placed on mining and other activities, therefore, a ‘total’ lockdown will only be effective if there is relief provided for residents.

Region One Chairman Brentnol Ashley

“We (the Regional Democratic Council) would have recommended a total lockdown of Mabaruma to the Regional Task Force and subsequently to the National Task Force…but we do not support the total lockdown taking place unless it is properly thought out and systems such as relief systems for the people are put in place,” the Regional Chairman said.

“You cannot lockdown and then have people going hungry and stuff like that,” Ashley added.

In Moruca, the village council implemented a lockdown starting from July 5 but some residents staged a protest action on basis that it affects their ability to provide for their families.

As of July 08, Guyana recorded 248 cases of the disease and 16 deaths.

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