‘Congratulate Irfaan Ali’ – GCCI to President Granger


See below full statement issued by the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI):

In every Presidential contest there is unfortunately only one winner. This Election cycle, given the tally of Valid Votes Cast during our General and Regional Elections 2020 (GRE) that winner will be Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

Dr Ali will be taking up the mantle of leadership from President Granger, who has astutely led our Nation over the past few years but unfortunately has placed second in the vote tally as recorded at the National Recount exercise.

President Granger need not feel hurt, Winston Churchill delivered a massive wartime victory to England, but the British voters in 1945 elected Clement Attlee as Prime Minister. Churchill is reported to have said in response, “I thank the British people for the many kindnesses shown towards their servant.”

As a Statesman it would be a good sign for our Nation, and for our Future Generations to see the first official round of Congratulation for Dr Ali to come now from President Granger, even without the formal declaration. It shows patriotism and the spirit of unity defined by our National Motto, One People One Nation One Destiny.

When George Bush lost to Bill Clinton in the USA’s 1992 Presidential Election, he conceded with these words, “I remain absolutely convinced that we are a rising nation. We have been in an extraordinarily difficult period, but do not be deterred, kept away from public service by the smoke and fire of a campaign year or the ugliness of politics. As for me, I’m going to serve and try to find ways to help people.”

This could also be said of our country, especially at this juncture in its history. As a major opposition in the Parliament, we expect the APNU+AFC to continue the fight, ensuring honesty, integrity and decency for the citizens in all the goings on of Governing the country and holding the PPP/C accountable to delivering on campaign promises.

In the end, however, we expect unity, unity on major National Issues such as our border controversy with Venezuela and unity with regards to the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

We expect unity in knowing that four months later after E-Day, it is time for the Nation to move on and get on with the business of implementing policies that benefit the Guyanese people and that all starts with the outgoing President Granger’s congratulation of Dr. Irfaan Ali now.

  1. Mahabir Singh says

    Very well said a real diplomatic leader will accept defeat and move on but stubborn people will be lost in history by the there immature leadership and and very low morality. If Granger is the leader that he should be accept defeat and call on Dr. Ali and congratulate him instead to deflect blame and high to power and cause his reputation to high handed and false. Only those who are power hungry don’t graciously accept defeat.The PPP/,Civic won the election and delay and trickery will change the results. Real men accept defeat and move on those who try to hang with odds against them look like real fools and noone will trust them ever.

  2. Stephen says

    Granger is a disgrace to humanity, so to is Lowenfield. Following in the footsteps of Burnham. Mat they rot in hell.

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