Lowenfield hands in report with Mingo’s fraudulent figures


The country’s Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield on Saturday presented results for the March 02 elections with the exact inflated figures for the Coalition as declared by District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo which was widely protested as being fraudulent.

This led to a national vote recount which clearly established the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) as the winner.

Lowenfield’s Saturday report shows total valid votes of 475, 118. That includes 136, 057 votes for APNU+AFC and 77, 231 votes for the PPP.

He first presented botched figures for District Four on March 5. The High Court found he did not follow the law in arriving at that declaration and urged him to tabulate his figures based on the Statements of Poll generated at the 897 polling stations in his District and to display it for all to see.

Mingo again failed to do that and presented another declaration for his District on the night of March 13.

Mingo’s March 5 figures for District 4 show APNU+AFC with 136, 458 and then on March 13, he gave the same Coalition 136, 057 votes. In his report Saturday, he gave the Coalition the exact figures from March 13.

Mingo’s figure for the PPP on March 5 was 77, 291 and on March 13, he gave the PPP 77, 231. In his report Saturday, Lowenfield gave the PPP the exact numbers from March 13.

The results of the national vote recount show that APNU+AFC gained 116, 941 votes and so it means in his new report, Lowenfield, like Mingo, bumped up the Coalition by 19, 116 votes.

The results of the national vote recount show that the PPP gained 80, 920 votes and so it means that Lowenfield, like Mingo, subtracted 3,689 votes from the PPP.

  1. Matthew says

    These two are jus too clever for we. Look at them lil rigger smirkin’ away. “we might not be the smartest riggers, but we sure can smirk ‘n we know where free lunch is……big field in Sophia here we come”.

  2. ARCH says

    Who is Mingo? And, why wasn’t he introduced before paragraph 5?
    Some of us reading are actually NOT in Guyana. Thank you for the correction.

  3. Peace and love says

    Election results before the recount shows that the PPP has won with 15,000 plus votes, the pnc then call for recount which the PPP accepted the results of the recount came out to be the same so what is the big deal granger. You don’t have any respect for the country you’re living in so y don’t you and your noccofuckomites get out from the public eyes 👀 even the CCJ has ruled against you ; so get the fuck out.indians are very peace loving people and try not to let them get out of control,or else it will be another 1962 and Indians will be in the lead

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