Tropical Storm Gonzalo: What can Guyana expect tonight and Friday?


See full statement below from the Hydromet office. 

At 14:00 hrs 23 July 2020, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) informed that Tropical Storm Gonzalo was located at 9.7 º N and 48.8 º W, which is about one thousand and eighty Kilometres (1080 Km) to the east-north-east of Georgetown.

The system continues to move towards the west with a speed of about 6 m/s (22 Km/h).

The NHC is also reporting that the radius of Tropical Storm force winds is about 35 Km from the center of the system.

The latest meteorological models output are predicting that the center of Tropical System may pass further north of Guyana than in previous model outputs. Said models are however still predicting that the center of the storm should be adjacent to Guyana’s coast between 20:00 hrs 24 July and 08:00 hrs 25 July.

Visible Satellite image showing convection associated with TS Gonzalo at 14 10 hrs on July 23

What can Guyana expect?

Tropical Storm Gonzalo continues to pose no direct threat to Guyana. However, as stated yesterday, this system may create favourable conditions over northern Guyana, that may result in thundershowers.

Once again it is important to note that the exact locations of these thundershowers are not known at this time, but as soon as a determination can be made, the Hydrometeorological Service shall communicate the necessary warnings to the citizens of Guyana. Finally, the weather conditions experienced over Guyana during the last twenty-four hours are unrelated to Tropical Storm Gonzalo.

The Hydrometeorological Service will continue to monitor the evolution of the meteorological phenomenon, make the necessary assessment and thereafter provide updates to the population.

Citizens are encouraged to subscribe to using the instructions provided on our Facebook page to receive severe weather warning from the Hydrometeorological Service on their mobile devices.

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  1. Don Gomes says

    The usual report is “fair to cloudy with scattered showers”
    Or sunshine all day …..and we get rain galore and flooded yards.
    Each day we have high tide and dangerous sea water beating over the sea wall.
    I still happy to hear we have a hydro meteorological service in guyana.
    Watch BBC world weather report and plan your day accordingly. Have a great day!

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