Bandits beat Chinese supermarket owners, escape with large sum of cash


Three men, armed with two guns and a cutlass, stormed the Long Sheng Chinese Supermarket at Ankerville Port Mourant, on Friday evening, beating the proprietors and then escaping with a large sum of cash and other items.

The News Room understands that the men carted off approximately $1.7 million cash, a quantity of phone cards and two cell phones.

The men pounced on the Chinese nationals as they were dealing with customers at two separate cash registers; one held a staff at gunpoint and led her into the cashier booth with the owner, Sheng Zou, while demanding she put cash in a bag.

One of the bandits also gun-butted and kicked Mr Zou. Later, he had to receive several stitches to his head and is still in pain after the assault.

According to reports at approximately 19:55h, two men entered the supermarket brandishing their weapons while a third person kept guard.

Mr Zou was struck to head with the gun several times

They ordered the customers to lie on the floor as they shouted their demands. Even after the owners handed over the cash from register along with the phone cards, the men continued to demand more.

As such, they struck Mr Zou to head with the gun several times and took him to a back room where he was forced to hand over $1.2M in cash that was secured.

The supermarket was opened several months ago at the location. Prior to the opening the owners invested significantly to put security measures in place.

After committing the robbery, the three men quickly exited and made their escape via a waiting car that was close by.

Police sources have told the News Room that one person has been arrested as they seek the two others.

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