Shuman likely to take up seat in the National Assembly from joinder list


The Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) will be the first to take up the Parliamentary seat won by the joined list.

Leader Lenox Shuman told the News Room that the LJP will be meeting on Tuesday evening to decide who from the party will take up the seat when the 12th Parliament convenes.

Asked if he will be the one selected, Shuman said: “I cannot confirm that at this point but it is most likely.”

The former Vice Chairman of the National Toshaos’ Council contested the March 2020 elections as the LJP’s Presidential Candidate.

The LJP, which joined its list with A New and United Guyana (ANUG) and The New Movement (TNM), garnered 2,657 votes at the March 2 polls – the most among the joinders.

The three parties together won 5,214 votes to give them one seat in the National Assembly.

Following behind LJP was ANUG with 2,313 votes who is yet to decide who will go into the National Assembly when their term begins.

The TNM only managed 244 votes but it is expected that they will be allowed to serve in the National Assembly for a short period as well.

According to the agreement signed between the three parties, its members elected to the National Assembly cannot join with the governing party to obtain ministerial or other government office or to give the minority government a majority.

The document states that each member will resign from the National Assembly to allow for a member from another party to take up the seat.

It was previously agreed by the parties that they all must decide on how to vote on motions and bills taken to the House for approval. Further, the parties are expected to use their one seat to table motions to effect change.

The provision to join two or more lists is catered for in the country’s elections laws, namely Section 22 of the Representation of the Peoples Act.

  1. Matthew says

    This is the silver lining to this election. The PPP and the PNC will both be served well by a 3rd voice, although they probably not sure yet. People that are not certain who they want to govern……simple support all 65 members until you mentally knock them off for not doing a good job.

  2. Don Gomes says

    All now ,a great journey to parliament.
    An exclusive front seat to an amazing piece of guyanas’ history.
    Congratulations to all 3 small political parties.
    The road ahead will be a busy one with challenges galore.
    Parliamentary experience will accrue and to look the opposition in the eye will also be another experience!
    Welcome to Parliament 2020.

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