UK says Ali’s Gov’t should focus on reconciliation, constitutional reform


The United Kingdom has welcomed the declaration of the March 2 General and Regional Election results and said it looks forward to working with the new Government of Guyana.

U.K Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State, Dominic Raab in a tweet on Thursday also commended the Guyanese people for their patience.

“Pleased to see the Guyanese election results finally announced. I commend the patience of all Guyanese people. UK looks forward to working with the new Government of Guyana,” Raab said in the tweet.

He added that the Government must now focus on reconciliation following the five-month electoral impasse and constitutional reform.

“The focus now must be on reconciliation & taking steps towards constitutional reform,” the UK Official said.

The United Kingdom was in the forefront calling for the results of the elections to be declared.

That country had also activated its systems to impose sanctions on senior officials of the former Government who were undermining democracy here.

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  1. Matthew says

    I agree but first in this order for focus:

    1) COVID fight…..all together now!
    2) Economy and local content policies
    3) Reconciliation and comfort for the 45% that voted for Coalition.

    The reason focus on reconciliation needs to wait is to allow the PNC to get their Petition in order and try and locate their SOPS and the GECOM SOPS and the documents that Mingo ordered out of the boxes. Because you cannot get out of a hole you dug for yourself until you stop digging. Or better yet another good start to reconciliation would be certain persons standing up and admitting the whole “irregularities” ting had no basis in facts!

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