Managing solid waste, improved infrastructure and public utilities top priority for Dharamlall


The priority focus of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, once there is a budget, is to manage the disposal of solid waste, improve local infrastructure and utilities and enhanced governance by building activities to improve relationship with residents.

Minister Nigel Dharamlall at a media briefing on Monday said the Ministry in the coming weeks will begin consultations of economic plans that will be pursued in every region of the country.

“The priority for us in the new budget is to deal with enhanced governance, solid waste management which is one of the critical areas of need in our country.

“We will also be building activities that are important to enhancing relationship between residents and the government,” Dharamlall said.

Minister within the Ministry, Anand Perdsaud, said President Irfaan Ali and Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo are currently working on a budget.

Dharamlall revealed that in going forward the Ministry plans to develop communities with a hand-in-hand approach. He explained that no policy or project will be implemented without the input by community leaders and members.

“By that I mean bridging the gap between the government and the citizens of our country, we belief that this can only be done by stronger collaboration, working closer together, listening to our citizens and I think most importantly reacting positively, to the concerns, observations and even the complaints that our citizens make on behalf of their families and communities,” Dharamlall said.

Ten Regional Democratic Councils, 10 Municipalities and 70 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils comes under the Ministry.

Dharamlall said an information system will be established in every region to provide responsive feedback from residents on any concern or issue.

“It is our intention that every RDC will have an issue log register, every NDC will have an issue log and every municipality including Georgetown will have an issue log register whether it will be physical or virtual register.”

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development will also be embarking on a plan to ensure every community has electricity, greater security and that small scale farmers are supported.

The Ministry will soon be visiting communities across the country to listen to the concerns of residents and decide how best to assist them.

However, firstly Dharamlall said that communities affected by the COVID-19 will be benefiting from food and other supplies. The government has already started distributing food in a few communities.

Dharamlall further promised that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in its elections manifesto promised 50,000 jobs and they intend to deliver.

“Over the next five years we are going to have better household, safer communities, enhanced infrastructure and we are going to have thousands of persons employed.”






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