Guyana to participate in Online Archery Cup of the Americas


Archery Guyana is proud to announce that due to its affiliation to World Archery Americas (WAA), Guyana has been invited to participate in the Online Archery Cup of the Americas, which is organised by the WAA.

This competition is set out to have the spirit of competing on a Virtual arena, whilst abiding with the COVID-19 safety measures across the Americas (North, South and Central America and the Caribbean).

Archery Guyana is tasked with conducting Qualification rounds, which will be a 600-round.

Scores will be recorded electronically, and pictures of equipment, scorecards and the target will be sent to the Competitions and Judging Committee via Whatsaap for tabulations and scrutiny.

Seven Archers will be undertaking the challenge of recording the highest score out of 600 for Guyana.

Canadian-based Guyanese Wayne DeAbreu and Devin Persaud will be shooting from an Archery facility in Canada, while Umasankar Madray, Nicholas Hing, Robert Singh, Samira Duncan and Talitha Kissoon will be shooting from various locations in Guyana.

Cognisant of the national COVID-19 protocols in place and abiding with the laws and the social distancing safety rules as to the limit on the number of persons permitted to be in any gatherings, shooting will be done in pairs at different time and dates (August 23 and 25).

Archery Guyana will then submit the scores for Guyana by August 31 to the WAA, which will be tabulated along with scores from all other participating countries.

The top two Archers in each category will then be shortlisted to take part in an Elimination shoot, set for late September.

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