Nurse who worked with paediatrician told to wait 2-3 weeks for her COVID-19 results


Sasha Hublall-Ali, the nurse who worked with the late paediatrician Dr Seepersaud Chatterdeo at the Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital, says she was told that she will be able to receive her COVID-19 test results in two to three weeks even though she is displaying most of the symptoms of the dreaded disease.

Dr Chatterdeo died at the Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital on August 30 and it was later revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 after his death.

The nurse, in a post on her Facebook page, said she left her 7-month old baby boy in the care of his grandmother immediately after she found out and went into quarantine.

Nurse Hublall-Ali said she shared similar symptoms with Dr Chatterdeo such as loss of taste, smell and congestion.

She called the hotline number and was told visit the Herstelling Health Center where she was tested on August 31 but the doctors there refused to test her husband because he did not have symptoms.

“The next day, a representative from Balwant Singh called me and asked about my condition. I was instructed to go to Georgetown public hospital. Now this makes no sense: I am exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and I’m being told by healthcare professionals to travel to the hospital, which runs the risk of spreading the virus,” the nurse posted.

She further noted that on September 2, she called the health centre for her results when she was told that she will receive it in two to three weeks.

The nurse described Guyana’s COVID-19 response as “disastrous” as she expressed frustration with the situation.

“Why is this taking so long? Why are the health systems so inefficient and irresponsible? When can I see my son again? By the time I find out my results, will I have to quarantine for longer? The real question is what is the Ministry of Health doing to actually address the pandemic???” the nurse posted.

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    New people same SH…….T. We now have a president of HAMPERS. Guyana is a confirmed SH…..T hole country. These jokers lack the ability to think big

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