Harmon says Opposition stands ready to work with Gov’t on constitutional, electoral reform


Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Friday pledged the full support of the APNU+AFC Coalition to work with the People’s Progressive Party Government in achieving constitutional and electoral reform.

During his presentation in the ongoing budget debates, Harmon said constitutional reform must be treated a top priority for politicians on both sides of the House.

But equally important he said is the need for reform of the country’s electoral laws and consequently the elections management body – the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

“While that [electoral reform] can take some time, we can examine a bipartisan Bill that seeks to amend aspects of the electoral law,” the Opposition Leader said.

Harmon said those reforms must take into considerations rulings the ruling of local and regional courts during the recently protracted electoral process in Guyana and the circumstances that contributed to the declaration of the results being delayed by five months.

“We on this side of the House considers it so important that we will consult with civil society and bring a Motion on the floor to that effect,” he added.

Harmon said after the current election petitions which challenge the March 02, 2020 elections are heard and determined, the Coalition will not be interested in the holding of any new elections with the same electoral laws in place.

“It is a travesty; we can’t go back. We are prepared on this side of the House to support an upward review of allocations to facilitate these recommendations,” he added.

Harmon insisted that constitutional reform and amendments to the electoral laws were urgent matters to be addressed.

One day after the results of the election were declared and Dr Irfaan Ali was sworn in as President, international elections observer group, the Carter Center called on political leaders to work together to ensure that fundamental electoral and constitutional reforms are completed as an urgent priority.

This the Carter Center noted should be done well before the next election.

The Center also called for key leaders in Guyana to reach across the divide and work to ensure that fundamental electoral and constitutional reforms are completed as an urgent priority.

  1. Matthew says

    Oh don’t trouble yourself Joe……the system that allowed the rigging to almost take place started with an illegal appointment of Justice Patterson…..that was the key. He then hired “special hires on merit” and of course the system of Commissioners needs to go. If we ever see the long faced rigging clown in a position of power again it will be too soon. What else? Persons that go renegade like Mingo did, need to be arrested on the spot and removed from their job……….all those reforms are coming Joe……because not one person in this Country outside of a certain political party wants to ever see rigging again. We need that party to takes its knee off our neck and start caring about their Country.

  2. Matthew says

    I like some of the PNC ideas for Consitutional reform. These are very good ideas.

    1) A Law should be passed that shows 33 is higher than 32 and carries the vote in a 65 seat Parliament.
    2) Should a Govt suffer a NCM loss they must call an election within 6 months or be considered “bare sk___ts”
    3) NO President shall ever reject 112 nominees for GECOM Chairman in order to install an antique “special person”.
    4) The “special person” Chairman must not hire at GECOM based on “persons that look like me” or “I only hire PNC, cause all my friends are PNC”
    5) If any Special Person hires at GECOM use anything but certified SOPS…..no spreadsheets, no bedsheets, no duncyness,…if they do not tabulate, they are taken out to Stabroek Square and flogged publicly.
    6) No CEO of GECOM is higher than God, no CEO at GECOM has a security detail, or entourage or anything special ……he/she is just another civil servant can be fired on the spot and/or criminally charged
    7) Should any party agents attempt to rig during an election or recount…..they are immediately arrested and charged.
    8) If any duncy IT guys during an Election at GECOM “try a ting” they are immediately arrested and charged.

    I can see why Joe and the PNC would not want those things to happen ever again……especially when they are not in charge. It will be interesting to see the selection of GECOM chairman if the same system remains in place. Who will Joe nominate that is unbiased……Lampy? Pampy?

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