Sport Minister to have follow-up discussions with associations


Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. will this week commence another round of meetings with local sport associations, this time in a much more formalised way.

Immediately after assuming office in early August, the Minister met with representatives of several local associations/federations/boards, who shared their plans, challenges and success stories.

Ramson Jr. said the follow-up meetings are geared to build on those previous engagements: “And that is where I intend to sit with them and to plan in a very structured way, Powerpoint presentations and things like that. We’re going to have working sessions, (and) plan with them how is it we’re going to advance some of the discussions we had initially in a much more formalised way.”

Ramson Jr. said the aim is to always keep the Associations “in the loop” with regards to development initiative being undertaken by the ministry.

“I don’t want our ministry to operate in a vacuum. Government is all across the lives of people and so ministries themselves, even though they’re responsible for territory, meaning they have specific responsibility to execute, it shouldn’t operate in silo, and the President is very clear about the vision and the direction for the government and the country in general and I’m just a part of that.”

The Minister has held consultations with the Guyana Cricket Board, Guyana Football Federation, the Basketball Federation/Association, Athletics Association of Guyana, Guyana Tennis Association, International Karate Organisation, Guyana Cycling Federation, Guyana Squash Association, Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation, Guyana Weightlifting Association, Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Georgetown Cricket Club and local sport journalists.

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