Hundreds flock National Stadium for ‘Dream Realised’ housing initiative


President Irfaan Ali Friday said the push towards 50,000 new house lots is not a wild promise but is a determined effort to ensure housing for all and his government will get it done.

Ali reinforced his passion for housing development as he opened the two day “Dream Realized” housing initiative at the National Stadium, Providence.

The former Housing Minister, now President, was involved in the handing of the first set of over 350 titles and transports to citizens who have been waiting for years on those documents.

Long lines and clusters of people characterized the scene outside the National Stadium where citizens waited in the mid-morning sun for an opportunity to meet with housing officials to either commence or move the process to homeownership forward.

The President and Ministers of Housing and Water Collin Croal and Susan Rodrigues were also forced to meet with a large group of raucous citizens who had to wait beyond a police barricade because of the large number of citizens who turned out to the event.

Citizens at the Government’s ‘Housing Drive’ [News Room photo/October 16, 2020]
Also participating in the initiative were several commercial banks, insurance companies, service providers, contractors and developers among others.

President Irfaan Ali in outlining the government’s vision for housing said the government is not merely looking to provide house lots but also to build homes and strengthen families.

“It is not wild promises – it is a goal and well thought out process to get there,” he assured.

The President said the promises are not only of access to housing but also one of affordability and one where citizens will benefit from modern network of infrastructure.

President Irfaan Ali engaging citizens at the Guyana National Stadium [News Room photo/October 16, 2020]
The President said the banking sector must also get it right in ensuring that citizens benefit from incentives handed down by the government. He also asked banks to work with the government in ensuring that homeowners benefit from pre-qualified loans.

He talked up a new push to ensure zoning of activities.

“We can’t have harmful waste and chemicals stored in concentrated areas, we are looking to drive a new economic revolution with sustainable housing through mass housing development,” he added.

The President reminded of his promise to deliver 50,000 house lots in the next five years, with 5000 of those lots likely to be ready and available for distribution by November 2020.

The initiative which started on Friday will end on Saturday but not before persons are assisted with land applications and queries about the process.

In addition to housing services, the event also saw the attendance of services providers such as E-Networks; offering a range of services to homeowners.

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