Indian High Commissioner visits Torginol Paints factory


The Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr KJ Srinivasa, on Thursday, visited the Torginol Paints Inc. factory located in Industrial Site, Ruimveldt. The visit was part of the High Commissioner’s effort to reach out to the local manufacturers of repute in Guyana and discuss issues of possible collaboration with Indian companies, including supplying of raw materials as well as exploring synergies for production. Indian companies have attained global standards and are quite competent in quality and very competitive in pricing in chemicals, other raw materials, APIs, pharmaceuticals, and paints.

Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr. K.J. Srinivasa (center) and others [December 04, 2020]

Commenting on the visit, Dr Srinivasa said, “We believe that Guyana, which is well embarked and poised for an impressive growth trajectory in the coming decade, can be the next destination for collaboration for Indian exporters and manufacturers for JVs. Torginol Paints has become a flagship for the paint industry in Guyana, and we are proud that the second-generation Indo-Guyanese entrepreneur, Mr Rakesh Puri, has guided the company to such heights. We wish all success to the other ventures of the company be it in telecom, infrastructure or hospitality.”

Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr. K.J. Srinivasa (right) and representatives of Continental Group of Companies [December 04, 2020]

Torginol Paints, which celebrates its sixth decade of business this year, is a 100% Guyanese company at the forefront of local development and manufacturing in Guyana. Known as the Pioneers of the paint industry in Guyana and the flagship of the Continental Group, Torginol Paints credits its enduring success to its constant pursuit of innovation, quality and customer service.

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