National Commission for the Family installed


Members of the National Commission for the Family were urged to recommend impactful policies and programmes that will improve the quality of family life in the Guyanese society through the promotion of stable cohesive campaigns.

Dr Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, made the charge when she met the members during a virtual installation meeting on December 17, 2020.

“Your role is very important because if there are dysfunctional families it creates a slew of problems that will affect the country. We need strong family support systems and the Ministry will lend the support to effect positive changes,” she stated.

In her congratulatory remarks, Minister Persaud acknowledged that the members with their collective knowledge and experience “will be a formidable force to deal with family matters.”

Elizabeth Cox, the Commission’s Chairman pledged that the team will work assiduously to fulfill its obligations in keeping with Hon Persaud’s agenda.

The objectives of the Family Commission are to identify leadership and other resources which will enhance the development process of family life, create legal and service mechanisms to protect the rights and wellbeing of family members who are victims of violence, support families in parenting skills, assisting them in teaching their children core values, and advocate with the government to recognise the importance of maintaining the family unit in migration policies.

The Commission comprises of the following: Ms Cox; Deputy Chairman, Timothy Tucker with Pandit Dhanpaul Mohan; Ronald McGarrell; Aleema Nasir; Jaya Singh-Backreedy; Loretta Fiedtkou; Leila Ramson; Trenetta Elliot; Sherri-Ann Vandeyar; Yolanda Corlette; Stephanie Fraser; Dr. Tamika Luncheon, representative from Ministry of Health and Arlene Chaturia, the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association’s representative as members. (Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

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