Woman who survived after crushed by tree may never walk again


By Isanella Patoir

Life for 45-year-old Sunita Persaud will never be the same again; she was severely injured when a tree fell on her at Success Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara in October last year.

After spending weeks in the hospital, the mother of three was finally discharged in December; she now requires 24-hour care as recovers from spinal injuries, a broken leg, fractured ribs and damage to the brain. While unable to breathe on her own and speak, Persaud also faces the possibility of never walking again.

Her daughter, Nafeeza Persaud spoke with the News Room and related that she was also under the tree when it fell.

“We hear the tree crack and it just fell. It was nine persons injured in all but my mother, she faced the worst. She was hospitalised for 55 days which she sustained spinal cord injuries, a broken foot, damage to her brain, internal bleeding and fractured ribs,” Persaud explained.

Sunita also spent six weeks in the intensive care unit and according to Persaud, doctors had given up on her. Persaud said her mother’s left foot was broken in two places and she had to undergo surgery to fix it but there is no movement in the feet.

“The spinal cord was the main injury and she has a thing they put on her throat for her to breathe because she was not able to breathe on her own and still she is not able to breathe on her own,” Persaud stated.

Sunita also underwent spine surgery in December 2020 and she is still in recovery.

“The doctors at GPHC said that the surgery will help her to sit up but they are not sure if it will help her to walk.

“They [doctors] said they are waiting for the spinal cord to fully heal before they start therapy to try to make her walk again,” a hopeful Persaud said.

Persaud noted that even though her mother can no longer speak, she still attempts to communicate and they read her lips.

“She is eating a bit now; when we cook we try to give her food but she don’t eat much of it.”

Persaud said they are very grateful for everyone who reached out and supported them so far, however, the family is still in need of basic supplies, such as adult pampers and wipes.

“It has been challenging but we are trying and we are thanking everyone who came out and helped us so far; we are just praying and asking God for her to recover…I mean, she might not be able to do much, but if she can walk, it would be better for her and for the family.”

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