Small local wine company on the rise


GT Wine, an extension of AJ Signs, is a locally owned wine company. In existence for about five years, the idea to launch a wine company came into play after excessive production of pineapples on a family farm, which itself has been around for over 50 years.

Owner Abigale John, or AJ as most call her, explained that instead of letting the pineapples go to waste, the family decided to process them, leading to their first ever wine production.

“That’s where the initiative of GT Wine was birthed. This was our first brand (pineapple wine).”

AJ said that she is easily motivated by her customers to keep producing the wine.

Abigale John

“The first sip a customer takes is like ‘Ooh!’, you know? So, that propels us and that has motivated us.”

The proprietor added that the original pineapple wine has evolved and is accompanied by many other flavors due to customer’s demands.

“We have a wide array. We have passion fruit, golden apple, the forbidden (which is known as the pomegranate). We have the Strokus; that’s the popular brand in Guyana- that’s made with a whole lot of barks, tangerine, Anti Desma [so] the flavors are endless.”

With Valentine’s Day approaching, AJ has prepared packages for the public at large.

“You can get the wine regular – it’s just $3,000. But if you need it personalized, it’s $5,000 and we’ve prepared a package- you can get your loved one’s face (one the label). If you’re a lover of GT Wine, you can get the words ‘GT Wine’ on your watch, or you can get ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey’ inside of your watch.

“So, it’s $6,000 for one (watch) but if you take the package, you get the special deal.”

AJ’s goal is to see her wines on shelves in the Caribbean and further afield.

GT Wine is located at 34 Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown, and AJ can be contacted on +592 653 6948.

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