Man attacks and attempts to sexually assault employee at GPHC


Police have arrested a man who attacked and attempted to sexually assault a female employee of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Saturday last.

The News Room understands that the victim had just relieved another staff member in the switchboard room and forgot to lock the door when the young perpetrator entered from off the streets armed with a pair of scissors; he locked the door, took off his clothes and ordered the woman to take off hers as well.

Reports indicate that the woman started to scream and one of the public security officers, who was nearby, overheard and rushed to the room. The security officer contacted his colleague at the main gate, who was successful in arresting the perpetrator.

During the ordeal, the woman received two cuts – one on her chin and another on the arm. The victim returned to work two days later but was still traumatised over the incident and so she was given a further seven days off work to recuperate.

The News Room understands that she is also receiving support from one of the hospital’s social workers.

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