Bureau of Standards to honour businesses for ‘commitment to quality, best practices’


The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) on Friday launched its National Quality Awards (NQA) Programme to recognise local businesses that have demonstrated commitment to quality systems and best practices in the production of goods and the delivery of services.

The awards programme is among the first to offer this level of recognition to local businesses.

Speaking during the launch at the GNBS Exhibition Complex, Sophia location, Head of Marketing and Communications, Syeid Ibrahim explained that in an effort to promote the agriculture sector, a new category was introduced in recognition of agro-processing (Jams and jellies, sauces, fruit mixes, salted fish, local sweets, etc.)

A media award has been introduced as well.

“We want to recognise local Guyanese businesses that are in conformance to standards and quality. In 2019, we would have strengthened it [the programme] and added new categories focused on health and safety and green initiatives. This year, we have reviewed the criteria and we will be focusing on some areas of the ISO 9001, 2015 standards with emphasis also on environment and occupation safety and health,” he said.

L-R: Head of Marketing and Communications, Syeid Ibrahim, Communications Officer, Bibi Khatoon and Head of Certification Al Fraser

Ibrahim further explained that businesses should participate in the program as it provides them with a comprehensive assessment and enhances the quality and competitiveness of the products and services they offer.

“It also fosters greater consumer confidence and satisfaction in the goods they provide,” Ibrahim added.

The programme is open to businesses engaged in manufacturing (products of large scale agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining or quarrying or other manufacturing activities); service (businesses, firms, or companies that earn revenue through providing tangible products and services, i.e., hotels, banks, health, education, shipping, transportation, etc.); small business manufacturing (small enterprises that are involved in the small-scale production of goods for sale. I.e., furniture, jewelry, garments, crafts, etc.); small business service (small enterprises that are involved in the small-scale production of services for sale, i.e., restaurants, plumbing, tour operators, medical laboratories etc.).

Businesses that fit the criteria of Small Business Manufacturing and Small Business Services are eligible if they employ 25 employees or less, earn $60M or less per annum and have assets of $20M or less.

Businesses should have a valid business registration from the Deeds Registry, valid tax compliance from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), valid national insurance compliance from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), approval of the completed application and willingness to have the business assessed.

Additionally, businesses must also possess or have in place, at least documented standard operating procedures, documented processes, quality manual/policy manual, agro-processors- best practices manual or flowchart in some form of documented evidence to illustrate consistency.

Applicants are required to submit completed application packages no later than March 26, 2021 via hard copy addressed on sealed envelope marked “NATIONAL QUALITY AWARDS 2021 APPLICATION FORM” addressed to The Executive Director, Guyana National Bureau of Standards, Flat 15, Exhibition Complex, Sophia, Georgetown, Guyana.

No fees or application costs are attached. Application forms can be accessed online at www.gnbsgy.org.



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