Team Mohamed’s Goliath primed for Supra showdown


By Akeem Greene

Team Mohamed’s versus S&D Performance will be the marque battle in round one of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) Drag Racing Championships at the South Dakota Circuit on Sunday.

Team Mohamed’s has three Nissan GT-Rs, and the two black GT-Rs are most likely to line up next to the Toyota Supra.

In the past, the Toyota Supra, which was owned by the late Deryck ‘Mad Dog’ Jaisingh, produced some 8-second times and with new ownership in Harold Hopkinson, they have invested even more with the hope of making it a more faster and reliable machine. Preparatory works on the Supra are being led by the experienced mechanic Shawn Persaud.

However, the faster of the black GT-Rs, the Goliath, is still undefeated and, according to driver Terence Cox, there is all likelihood that will remain the same.

Team Mohamed’s driver, Terence Cox

“It is going to be a tight race; a lot of it is going to be on the tree (Portatree Timing Systems), but I think the Goliath has got it. I mean the car is making a lot of power and it is going very quick so far and we still have so much more to go. It is definitely going to be a good race, it is definitely going to be close, but I really think the Goliath has it,” Cox expressed when questioned by News Room Sport.

On Sunday, the Supra will be piloted by Denzel ‘Hammertime’ Hopkinson. In October 2019, in the absence of Team Mohamed’s, the Supra clocked 8.740 seconds in a solo run.

In June 2019, Team Mohamed’s white GT-R had an explosion of speed, which was recorded at 8.099s on the clock in an unchallenged race to wipe out the 8.584s set by the black GT-R (Goliath) in March on the new quarter-mile strip.

The Toyota Supra, now owned by Harold Hopkinson

That new quarter-mile strip has undergone significant upgrades and, according to Cox, it is the reason fans can be assured that once the weather remains favourable, they will witness some blistering runs.

“These cars are going to go very quick; I know all three cars are going to go sevens this weekend. I believe the Nismo has got sevens in it and the black car has got definitely deep sevens in it and the white car is going to be bottom sevens, possibly six seconds within it,” the seasoned driver revealed.

Overall, Cox expressed great delight in the progress of Drag Racing in Guyana over the years, which has been spearheaded by his team’s principal, Azruddin Mohamed.

The USA-based Cox further indicated he is happy to see other cars become even more competitive to challenge them, which augers well for the future of the sport.

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