New-born baby dies at NA hospital; mother dies hours later at GPHC


A Williamsburg, Region Six, East Berbice-Corentyne family is in a state of shock and despair following the sudden death of their 31-year-old relative, Vanessa Lewis-Sahadeo, and her new-born baby girl.

Vanessa, a mother of three children – ages 11,9 and 6 – died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Friday, hours after giving birth to her new-born baby girl at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital in Region Six, where the baby also died.

Vanessa was only rushed to the GPHC following complications at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Her distraught mother, 53-year-old Charis Cecil, told reporters that Vanessa visited the Port Mourant Hospital on Monday last after experiencing abdominal pains, but was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital since her blood pressure and blood count were low. She was nine months pregnant and was slated to deliver this week.

She was admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital and remained there until she was ready to give birth on Friday. Cecil said she had a lengthy conversation with her daughter before the delivery and recalled her being in “high spirits.” The mother had no idea it would be the last time she spoke with her daughter.

“She called me the morning and said the doctor run ward and say everything okay that they will carry she now to the labour room to get baby. So, I say alright.

“Then I call back and talk to her some more and she said ‘mommy, I am going now, must make up meh bed nice with the green sheet, so when I come out, me and my baby gonna lie down’,” a tearful Cecil recalled.

Vanessa even told her mother to take lunch for her at the hospital but when her sister showed up later with the food, she was met with dreadful news – the baby girl had died.

A nurse also telephoned Cecil with the distressing news.

“So, I asked how the baby died and she [the nurse] said they tried to take the baby out and she womb all come out and the baby dead and she [Vanessa] want blood and they are rushing her to Georgetown Hospital.”

Cecil barely made it to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she saw her daughter briefly on a stretcher, while medical personnel were tending to her.

Vanessa was subsequently transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital, where she succumbed.

Relatives are puzzled as to what may have happened since the mother of three did not suffer from any illness prior to being pregnant; they said she was very active and strong.

Meanwhile, Director of Regional Heath Services, Dr Vishalya Sharma told the News Room that an investigation has been launched.

“On behalf of the Regional Health Services, I would like to express condolences to the family and relatives of Miss Lewis. As a result of this, an investigation has been launched,” Dr Sharma said.

Cecil wants justice.

“Meh want justice fuh meh daughter because my daughter healthy and strong. Nothing nah do she, she ah laugh, gaff and talk. Before she went in to deliver, she say ‘mommy, buy a big ice cream and feed meh pickney them.

“We need answers, we need justice.”

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Why in this day and age they have to rush till to Georgetown?? What a desolate piece of s#!t country this is.

    My deepest sympathy to the family.

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