Praetorian Protection Services and Real Estate Guyana join forces


Praetorian Executive Protection Services Inc. and Real Estate Guyana have announced a new cooperation agreement to provide its clientele with real estate safety and security risk assessments.

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formalizes the mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between Praetorian Executive Protection Services and Real Estate Guyana at the strategic and working level, focusing on the development of safety standards, and how they are applied to real estate practice in Guyana.

Real Estate Guyana, a local real estate firm, has been providing services since 2012. The company has had the opportunity of working along with the expatriate community, and therefore has adopted an understanding of the expectations and our reality, and further, what needs to be done to bridge the gap.

Keiron Brathwaite, Marketing Director of Praetorian Executive Protection Services INC, said “This is an organic addition to Praetorian’s services. We have been servicing the expat community since 2018 through Executive Protection and this extension makes our services even more holistic. Real Estate Guyana is one of the leading firms in the market and our companies share many values and morals. We have worked together on a number of projects over the years.” He added that “Praetorian’s Real Estate Safety and Security Assessment will give homeowners and developers the tools they need to remodel their rental properties, inclusive of residential and commercial, to the high standards which the expat community require, as well as the additional benefit of adding tremendous value to their real estate holdings.”


Stefan John, Managing Director of Real Estate Guyana, said: “I welcome this important initiative which enhances Guyana’s real estate offering, by integrating security, an integral factor which is often overlooked. There is a shortage of quality expat housing in Guyana, and with this partnership, we believe that we will assist our clients with making the right changes and upgrades to their properties to be able to provide quality, and safety focused properties in Guyana. This service can be performed at the request of the property owner, who’s preparing his/her building for a transaction, or the prospective tenant performing due diligence. I look forward to working with Praetorian Executive Protection Services in continuing to build on our real estate operations in the interest of enhancing the growing real estate industry.”

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