Torginol Paints Inc. supports modernisation of Indian Arrival Monument


Development works at the Indian Arrival Monument at Palmyra, East Berbice, received a timely boost on Tuesday, with Torginol Paints Inc. making a significant financial contribution to help with efforts to convert the facility to a modern public park.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr., was on hand at Continental Group of Companies, the home of Torginol Paints, to receive the company’s generous donation from Chief Operating Officer, Fenton Persaud.

Persaud, in brief remarks, applauded the Ministry on its initiative to develop the facility, noting that it will enhance the spirit of the community and provide a much-needed recreational center for leisure and relaxation.

“Torginol has been in Berbice from the inception and we’re known throughout the county. We hope that this contribution will help to complete successfully this project. We hope that in the future we will be able to see the community enjoying the much-needed leisure and relaxation in the Centre,” Persaud said.

Torginol Paints Inc. has enjoyed decades of close relations with Berbicians, with many of its dealers and customers located across the region.

The company said in a statement: “We consider this contribution a privilege to support these valued patrons, who have allowed us to use as our marketing slogan: “Berbice is Torginol county.”

The monument was commissioned in 2019

Minister Ramson Jr. expressed gratitude to the company for fulfilling its “promise to support the modernisation of the Palmyra monument.”

“The intention as we had said a number of months ago was to turn this monument space into a public park and a cultural centre as well, so that the people of Berbice can have a space for them to be able to go, and it’s safe and they’re able to practice their cultural activities,” Ramson Jr. said.

He added, “Continental Group of Companies had indicated their willingness to support when I made that announcement; today is the day that we have the realisation of that commitment.”

The Minister added that government is moving in the direction of making public spaces a lot friendlier for leisure, cultural, sport and community-based activities.

“So you will see a lot of this happening throughout the country, and this is one of the steps we do so where government and private companies can partner together so that we can create a lot of benefits for people all across the country,” the Culture Minister explained.

At an outreach in Berbice last December, Ramson Jr. told the media that the enhancement plans will see playground equipment and Wi-Fi infrastructure installed to provide free internet access to the public.

More seating areas will also be provided and the visitors’ gallery will also be used for cultural activities.

“It will be managed in a way which the public will have far more access and usage for it and so in the next few months to come, we will be executing the programme so that we get everything I have mentioned completed so that the people in Berbice can get access to better facilities and this is the first of many,” Ramson Jr. said.

Commissioned in 2019, the G$160 million monument features six bronze statues donated by the Government of India to Guyana in 2017.

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