Six-month direct payment plan for pensioners introduced


A six-month direct payment plan has been introduced for pensioners who are unable to leave their homes and visit distribution sites and those living in remote areas

“Those monies have been delivered in some regions for the first half of the year and then the second will be from July,” Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud told the media at a briefing on Friday.

Already, pensioners living in Regions Four and Six, who qualify for this payment plan, have received the payment. Pensioners in Region Ten are now in the process of receiving their payments along with those in Region Eight, after which those in Region Seven will be next.

These specific groups of pensioners will also receive their pension books for 2022.

This new initiative, Dr. Persaud explained, aims to alleviate the long lines at Post Offices that pensioners have been made to endure for years. The Ministry is also looking at other ways to provide easier access for pensioners to uplift their payments.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud (Photo: MOHSS/March 19, 2021)

As such, Dr Persaud is further encouraging pensioners to utilize the banking system to receive their payments.

“We are also looking very very intensely at encouraging pensioners to use the banking system.

“It is very simple there is an application form, all the pensioners have to do is give us their bank account number and then they relinquish their book and sign up for the payment,” Dr Persaud explained.

As it relates to using the banks, the payment is deposited directly to the bank account of the pensioner during the first five days of each month.

Dr Persaud further revealed that the Ministry is also looking to have the pension payment rolled out using Western Union and Money Gram.

Additionally, an alphabetical system is in place for pensioners to visit post offices to avoid long lines but this is only done the first week of every month.

The Ministry will also be working with the Guyana Post Office Corporation to ensure post offices are upgraded to better cater to pensioners.

“Sometimes the pensioners are out there in inclement weather, so we are trying to work with them, between us and them, to ensure that the conditions are okay for people to go and get their pension,” the Minister added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is also seeking to collaborate with communities and non-governmental organisations to provide snacks and refreshments for the pensioners.


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