Survival’s third Phagwah golf tournament tees-off Saturday


Survival Group of Companies has sponsored its third annual Phagwah Golf tournament, which takes the Stroke Play format on Saturday at the Lusignan Golf Course (LGC).

Co-owner of Survival Group of Companies, Parshuram Arjune, indicated on Thursday that golf is a growing sport and they are committed to assisting in the continuation of that growth.

“Golf is not like cricket and football where it’s rated [highly] and is all over, but it is a growing sport and Survival is on board to stay,” Arjune expressed.

Rabindranath Persaud, the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer of LGC, said they will continue to follow all the necessary rules and not operate in an ad hoc manner.

“We are being guided by the COVID-19 guidelines and it must be known that the Lusignan Golf Club is not acting in an adverse manner to the guidelines of the Task Force as we are complying so everybody who comes there will be asked to follow the guidelines.”

LGC Secretary Chet Bowling applauded Survival Group of Companies for upholding its corporate social responsibility.

Instead of the usual tee-off at noon, action will commence at 11:00h.

The Stroke Play format, also known as Medal Play, is a scoring system in the sport of golf in which the total number of strokes is counted over one, or more rounds, of 18 holes.

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