GUYOIL Chief Financial Officer, Board member to be removed – President Ali


The government inherited “massive corruption” at the state-owned oil company GuyOil, and those involved in the latest attempt will be removed, President Irfaan Ali said Wednesday morning.

The Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Bassoo, was being sent on administrative leave after his performance at the helm of the company was reviewed, but he resigned and denied any involvement in any corruption.

President Ali said Bassoo “remains resigned” and Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary, Shawn Persaud, will be removed as well as Board member, Akanni Blair.

Regarding the latest reports of corruption at the agency, the President said, “no fraud was committed because no transaction was entered into.” The auditor general is investigating the attempts at corruption that was thwarted.

But the President said what is more important at this time is to have a review so that there would be a system that is rigid enough at every tier to prevent corruption by the company or individuals outside.

But regarding the latest reports of attempted corruption, he said: “all those who had inappropriate contact must be removed.”

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