60 Baramita residents complete courses in WIIN


Sixty residents of Baramita, Region One (Barima/Waini), who participated in short courses under the Women’s Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) programme by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, were presented their certificates last Tuesday.

It was at the Baramita Primary School where Minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud personally handed out the certificates. Eighteen persons received a certificate in sewing; 25 in Information Communications Technology (ICT); and 17 in the Fundamentals of Agriculture and English Language. A number of arrangements have been put in place to allow for the education process to continue in these fields.

Baramita, troubled with various issues like alcohol and substance abuse, suicide, incest, child sexual abuse, and human trafficking, among others, was specially chosen by Minister Persaud who has a special interest in helping those who are vulnerable to pilot WIIN to offer opportunities of self – development through technical vocational training.

The group who completed the sewing course, along with Minister Persaud and other officers of the Ministry

The minister, who focuses heavily on delivering quality services, spent an entire day interacting with residents of Baramita, and assuring them that the ministry will do all that it takes to lift Baramita from the serious issues plaguing the community.

WIIN is being rolled out through Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute (GWLI) and Senior Training Officer Sanjay Pooran noted that the courses in Baramita had an extremely positive impact on those who signed up for them. Even though the courses lasted for just three days, the participants were well equipped to practice what they’ve learned by the end.

“For those who did sewing, when we got there, they couldn’t sew masks and hammocks, but by the time we left, they were able to start doing so,” Pooran informed.

Although WIIN targets women and girls, the team in Baramita did not restrict the boys from joining the programmes.

Fifteen-year-old Josani Scott receives his certificate from Minister Persaud after completing the ICT course

“These are people who had never had formal training before and they were full of excitement and enthusiasm when they were introduced. We had no problems

The ministry has arranged to send in support staff so that they can train persons in Baramita to in turn be trainers. This is to facilitate continuous learning opportunities for the people in the community.

Minister Persaud expressed a desire to see continued progress in Baramita and will be doing everything possible to have the Learning Resource Centre which was furnished with computers and sewing machine develop into a hub for youth and women to gain confidence, step away from the social ills and become employed or develop small businesses.

The Ministry stocked the Baramita Resource Center with equipment and materials it needed to function efficiently

Seeing the potential for agricultural development in the area, the Minister has also decided to send back the agricultural officer so that he can provide further training and guidance.

“The intention is to provide them with life skills for employment or starting a small business, and it’s coupled with courses that are focused on social development so things like anger management, conflict management, suicide and depression, can also be dealt with,” Pooran further explained.

WIIN, a brainchild of Minister Persaud, is available both online and in-person across the country and seeks to provide women and girls with economic benefits, along with an enabling environment to help them boost their self-confidence and individuality.

Whether persons are interested in garment construction, ICT, graphic designing, video editing, photography, interior decorating, the ministry is moving to cater for major development in the country.

WIIN will also include the provision of functional, business, social issues, and legislative literacy, and will cover areas in anger management, emotional intelligence, coping mechanisms, as well as information on support systems from the ministry. Each course will be followed by an assessment, and the top five students will be eligible for assistance to start up their businesses. (Ministry of Human Services and Social Security press release)

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