53 residents in CDC shelters countrywide following widespread flooding


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC), in collaboration with regional authorities, is currently accommodating 53 residents at shelters countrywide.

This is as a result of flooding which has affected residents in low lying areas.

So far, shelters have been established at Tabatinga Sports Complex, Arapaima Primary and Culvert City Nursery, Region 9, and Aroaima Nursery, Aroaima Primary Shelter and Kwakwani Primary in Region 10.

Efforts are being made to establish shelters in Region 5 shortly.

See table below:

Regions Shelters Occupants
9 Tabatinga Sports Complex 4
  Arapaima Primary


  Culvert City Nursery 0
10 Aroaima Nursery School 16
  Aroraima Primary School Shelter 2
  Kwakwani Primary School 31


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