None of over 90,000 who have taken both vaccine doses have been hospitalised or died – Dr Anthony


Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony is again appealing to Guyanese to take the COVID-19 vaccines currently available, saying all of them have proven to be safe and efficient. According to Dr Anthony, none of the over 90,000 persons who have taken both doses of either the Sinopharm, Sputnik V or Astra-Zeneca vaccines have been hospitalised or died.

Since the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Guyana some three months ago, 223, 659 persons have taken at least one dose.

But medical studies have shown that it is those who get two doses of the vaccines who will have added protection against the virus and not become seriously ill because of the COVID-19 disease. So far, 92, 157 persons have taken both doses of either the Sinopharm, Sputnik V or Astra-Zeneca vaccines.

The second doses for both the Sinopharm and Astra-Zeneca vaccines are available but not for the Sputnik V.

“We don’t have in-country right now but we are making the arrangements to make sure we can get it in as soon as possible,” Dr Anthony stated.

He said that you information from the makers of the Sputnik V vaccine is that those who had their first dose can wait up to 12 weeks for the second dose.

“As soon as we get those vaccines in, because I know that a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting for the second dose to come in, as soon as we get it in, we’ll announce it so that across the country, people can go and get their second dose Sputnik V,” The Health Minister stated.

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