John Fernandes statement on fatal accident at city wharf  


See below full statement issued by John Fernandes Ltd:

On Tuesday, June 22nd, an unfortunate accident took place on the John Fernandes Ltd. (JFL) premises resulting in the death of Mr. Sheldon Wilson.

Mr Wilson was employed by a private truck owner which was contracted by a third party to transport grain which had arrived at the John Fernandes Ltd wharf.

Among the several trips made, Mr. Wilson’s truck was safely loaded and weighed and was waiting in line to exit the compound.

At this time, instead of following the other trucks north in slow progression toward the exit gate, Mr. Wilson’s truck continued to roll slowly in a Westerly direction toward the river.  This slow deviation was noticed by JFL personnel who raised an alarm to warn Mr. Wilson that his truck was heading toward the River.

The truck was saved from falling into the river by the guardrail on the wharf, at which time, workers were able to access the cab and noticed that Mr. Wilson was unconscious which may explain his lack of response to their warnings.  He was promptly taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Our Company has always been committed to the highest industry standards to ensure that safety measures are in place but could not have anticipated this unfortunate incident.  We are conducting an inquiry and fully support all official investigations of this incident.

Mr. Wilson, being in the transportation industry and making frequent pickups from JFL, was well known to the members of the Company and will be sadly missed.  Our sincere sympathies go out to his bereaved family.


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