$30M to be spent in 2021 for Linden waterfront development


A total of $30 million will be spent this year on the Linden waterfront development project as part of efforts to advance the development of the region, according to Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill.

The minister assured regional officials of this investment during a visit to Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) on Tuesday, where he also apprised them of other infrastructural plans for the region.

Minister Edghill explained that he has to visit the waterfront area with a team from the Sea and River Defence Board to determine the best possible location for this development. He related that some people believe that the development should take place on Wismar shore, while others opined that it should be on the Mackenzie shore. Wismar and Mackenzie are on either side of the Demerara River that runs through Linden.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill (Photo: News Room/May 3, 2021)

“We have agreed that we will come to Linden in the evening to observe, determine and assess for ourselves the usage of the facilities so that we would be able to make the final determination before the 31st of July,” Minister Edghill said.

He also assured the regional officials who met with him during his visit that whichever location is chosen, efforts will be made to ensure that the “greatest impact” will be felt by the residents of the region.

This waterfront development is expected to enhance beautification efforts in the mining town and also help boost regional tourism as there is already a Linden riverfront festival.  Beyond these aims, however, the minister said that attention will also be directed towards “making space” for economic opportunities and developing recreational facilities and sanitary facilities.

Specifically, he said that the local authorities are concerned about the lack of sanitary facilities at the area for those boat operators who transport passengers across the river and those vendors there.

All in all, however, he said, “Just like we are doing with the Georgetown seawall in beautifying the area and providing facilities, we want to ensure that we have that also in Linden.”

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