$1M bail for drunk driver in Providence fatal accident


A 34-year-old man was on Wednesday released on $1M bail for the fatal accident at Providence Public Road, East Bank of Demerara (EBD.) on Sunday last which claimed the life of 51-year-old Stephen Bishop.

Shivendra Ramraj of Herstelling New Housing Scheme appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Diamond/Grove Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to the two charges.

Particulars of the first charge alleged that on July 25, at Providence Public Road, Ramraj drove motorcar PZZ 1621 in a dangerous manner which resulted in the death of Bishop of North East La Penitence, Georgetown.

Ramraj was also charged for driving under the influence of alcohol.

DEAD: 51-year-old Stephen Bishop (Photo: Inews)

He was represented by attorney-at-law Bernard DaSilva. Magistrate Latchman released Ramraj on $1M bail for the first charge and $10,000 bail on the latter.

The case is adjourned until August 20.

According to reports, on the day in question around 18:55hrs, Bishop was struck down along the Providence Public Road by Ramraj, who was reportedly driving a motorcar under the influence of alcohol.

Police reported Ramraj alleged that the pedestrian ran across the road from east to west into the path of his vehicle.

Ramraj said he applied brakes to avoid a collision, but, according to the police report, the front center portion of his vehicle collided with the pedestrian who fell onto the road surface and sustained injuries about his body.

Bishop was later taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Ramraj was arrested and subjected to a breathalyzer test, which showed that he was above the legal limit.

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