MovieTowne says not viable to reopen if sale of food and beverages not allowed


MovieTowne on Saturday said it will not be able to re-open its doors to moviegoers because of the restriction on the sale of food and beverages.

MovieTowne said while it welcomes the government’s decision to allow cinemas to reopen at 40% capacity, it is not viable to do so if food and beverages are not sold.

The company wants the government to review the decision, saying if the government allows the sale of food and drinks, it would be the same as the restaurants and bars which are allowed to operate with indoor dining.

“Concession offerings for moviegoers are part of the cinematic experience, which are similar to in-house dining at restaurants and bars.

“Without implemented checkerboard seating and increased sanitisation protocols, persons are adequately socially distanced to enjoy their favourite movie snack,” MovieTowne stated.

The company noted that a movie runs for about two hours and not everyone indulges in eating and drinking and can continue to wear their masks “Where it is recommended and enforced as out policy.”

MovieTowne said it stands in support of the Ministry of Health in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and has been assisting in the country’s vaccination efforts by holding several mass vaccinations at its Turkeyen location.

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