Prisoner almost escaped with prison officer’s bike but then jumps trench to get away


In a dramatic event two hours after midnight Friday, a prisoner at the Lusignan Holding bay attempted to escape with a motorcycle belonging to a prison officer but when he was caught jumped across a small trench to getaway.

The prisoner on the run is Quincy Clarke, aged 38, of West La Penitence, Georgetown. He was jailed for four weeks on Thursday last on two counts of threatening language.

The Guyana Police Force reported that two ranks who were working at the holding bay of the prison observed a man running and pushing a black and red XR motorcycle.

The officers shouted at him to stop but when he didn’t, they chased after him. The man then dropped the motorcycle, jumped a trench and ran west into some bushes, the Police stated.

It was only later that the ranks who gave chase realised the man they were running after was a prisoner and the motorcycle belonged to a Prison officer.

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