Bedessee eyes new facilities for battered women, orphaned children and abandoned animals


U.S – based Guyanese businessman Verman Bedessee, the man behind the unrelenting activism for the legalisation of industrial hemp in Guyana, now eyes the establishment of facilities in Guyana to cater to women, children and animals in need of care and attention.

As Chairman of Guyana Hemp Industries (GHI), Bedessee travelled to Guyana following Cabinet’s announcement that it has given approval for industrial hemp to be grown in Guyana.

While more time is needed to sort out the legislative and regulatory framework for the hemp industry, Bedessee has started the groundwork for the construction of a children’s orphanage, a women’s foundation/shelter and an animal rescue sanctuary.

The Bedessee Foundation has already made an application for 200 acres of land in Bedessee’s village, #59 East Berbice, Corentyne but with another 200 acres readily available along the Linden/Soesdyke Highway (near Kuru Kururu) the Bedessee Animal Rescue Sanctuary is high on the agenda.

Speaking of the goal, he said: “To remove animals from the streets that would cause accidents, injuries and deaths… we want to look at other animals out there that are injured, take them off the street, take care of them and then release then back to the owner and if they don’t, then they are free to roam on our sanctuary,” he told the News Room in a recent interview.

Bedessee said his experience overseas gave birth to the idea of setting up the sanctuary here but he also has a personal love for animals.

He also believes a women’s shelter and orphanage is needed, one that carries the vision of helping women fleeing spousal abuse and children left behind after either one or both parents have died.

“People peacefully pass away and they have young children who are stranded and you may have people helping them here and there but catering to all their needs is the motivation behind my ideas and solutions.

“Any woman that comes to our shelter will figure out what their goals are and they will receive training and help to get income to becoming independent and moving on with their lives,” Bedessee added.

These shelters are pending the finalization and transfer of land and survey titles.

“We have money already and the land location we are just waiting for the titles to be in our names… the nonprofit that we are – we don’t want to waste money,” he said.

The facilitates, once completed, will also be able to cater to victims of trafficking in persons.

Bedessee says he now looks for the public’s support and persons who wish to fund the non-profit organisation can visit the website at


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