Private Sector Commission commends government on first year in office


Message from the Private Sector Commission (PSC) on the occasion of the first anniversary of the PPP/C government, observed on August 2, 2021

The PSC wishes to register its congratulations to the Government of Guyana on its first anniversary as the duly elected Executive of our country.

The PSC commends the Government for its valuable contribution to the growth of Guyana’s economy over the past year. We recognise the significant achievements relative to the socio-economic development of the country, which includes the management COVID-19 health crisis and the recent flooding in several communities.

Further, it is noteworthy to mention several measures and policies designed to enable the diversification of the economy as well as resuscitating the major productive sectors – such as the agriculture, infrastructure, and energy sectors.

Notably, the bilateral relationships between Guyana and our regional and international partners have been significantly strengthened. We applaud your determination in providing service to the Guyanese people irrespective of race, political affiliation, significantly promoting inclusiveness and national unity.

As we look to the future, there is much hard work ahead that will only be achieved through collaborations, strategic consultations, as well as support from various civil society bodies, such as the Private Sector Commission to advance social integration and good governance.

Necessary policies should be implemented to build an economy that is versatile and flexible to changes and challenges posed by a post-COVID-19 world environment.

Finally, the PSC looks forward to continued cooperation with the Government and expresses best wishes for successful years to come in an effort to foster fruitful bilateral relations for significant social and economic advancements.

Indeed, we are on a pathway to progress.

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