President says opposition-backed New York rally ‘deceitful, dishonorable’


Following up on a strongly worded statement from Prime Minister Brigadier (retired) Mark Phillips, President Irfaan Ali on Monday rejected statements made against his government at a march and rally titled “Anti-PPP Racism March & Rally” held in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday.

The President rejected remarks made by Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, describing the rally as “an event filled with lies, hate and race-baiting.”

Speaking to the News Room on the sidelines of an event on Monday, Dr. Ali said he felt the rally was deceitful and dishonorable.

“…and obstructionist to know that people will go to that extent to tell lies,” he added.

The Head of State said it is dishonest to claim more than a year later that the People’s Progressive Party did not win the March 2020 elections, that the COVID cash grant distribution and the ongoing education cash grant distribution was marred by discrimination against supporters of the APNU+AFC Coalition and persons of a certain race.

President Ali was particularly concerned that a member of congress would find himself involved in this type of assault on a legitimately elected government and without the merit of proof to substantiate the allegations made.

“I’m very disheartened that people who should know better would find themselves enveloped in this type of behaviour.

“If the time is up for the government and the U.S Ambassador, then its times up for CARICOM and all the other bodies that supported the efforts to ensure that democracy prevailed in Guyana,” he added.

Dr. Ali said he intends to stay focused on working hard for the better of each and every citizen of Guyana.

“… but when someone who professes to be credible in the face of what several bodies endorsed and still envelope himself in lies, deception, and hate then a serious examination is needed as to what the motive was,” he said.

Meanwhile, the statement from the Office of the Prime Minister said the numerous malicious and false claims were made by several Members of Parliament, regional representatives and other persons associated with the APNU.

The statement also noted remarks made by Jeffries, which the Prime Minister said he found to be quite appalling.

The government, in expressing its disappointment with Congressman Jeffries, said he allowed himself to be negatively influenced by individuals who are adamant in destroying Guyana by instigating violence and division among her people.

The government in turn called on the Congressman to desist from joining in creating chaos in communities in Guyana and in the diaspora and invited him to have discussions with us on matters of mutual interest.

The government said evidence exists to prove that it upholds democratic principles, adhere to equitable practices, embrace diversity and inclusivity and promote transparency at all levels.




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  1. Matthew says

    If it is one thing we have discovered since March 2, 2020…..not that many genius’s in amongst the riggin’ lovahs!

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