GMR&SC, MoH partner for COVID-19 vaccination drive

- Racers, team members required to present cards at future events


The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) have begun forging the way for the sport to resume as quickly as possible.

The club, in partnership with the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) and the MoH will host a vaccination drive aimed at ensuring that the club members have a chance to access the various vaccines available locally.

Following an inspection on Tuesday, approval was given by the NCTF for the hosting of the vaccination drive on Saturday (August 21, 2021) at the GT Motorsports building, located in the club’s Albert Street and Thomas Lands location.

GMR&SC President Rameez Mohammed in an invited comment contended: “We want to urge all our drivers and riders and even marshals and club members who haven’t been vaccinated as yet to come out and get at least your first doses.”

Organised by committee member Nyron Maraj and Club captain Neilon Dias, the drive is expected to run from 09:00h to 15:00h.

“Our plan moving forward is that we have to get vaccinated in order to resume racing. There is no running from it. The sooner we get it done, the sooner we can have a footing with which to approach the Task Force for events,” Maraj said after Tuesday’s inspection.

He added, “It isn’t only for the drivers; it’s for the mechanics, the team managers, the support staff and even the marshals, media and eventually spectators [when the club is allowed re-entry of such]. At the end of the day, we have to protect ourselves and restart racing.”

Club Captain Dias said, “This isn’t a means of singling out anyone or segregating anyone. Hypothetically, if we want to host an event let’s say at the end of October, we can approach the Task Force to say that X amount of drivers have been vaccinated which represents a majority of our race officials and drivers and then we have a place with which to start a discussion [with the COVID-19 task force].

“The drive also gives those unvaccinated persons a chance to get vaccinated so they cannot claim they had no chance to get vaccinated. We brought it almost to their doorsteps,” the Club Captain said.

According to the Ministry of Health, the drive will feature the first dose of the Sputnik V as well as both doses of the Oxford Astrazeneca and the Sinopharm options.

Persons are reminded that they must walk with a valid form of identification and for those taking the second doses, their vaccination card issued when the first dose was administered.

The club office will also be open on Saturday to facilitate any question members may have.

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