Jagdeo to lead ‘expert mission’ to Suriname to advance joint climate change strategy


Vice-President Bharrat Jagdeo will in the coming months lead an expert mission to Suriname to advance the agreed bilateral agenda regarding the development of a joint strategy for environmental services and climate change.

Presidents Irfaan Ali and Chandrikapersad Santokhi agreed to crafting the strategy during meetings held in Georgetown between the two Heads-of-State earlier this week.

At a joint press conference on Thursday, Dr. Ali said Jagdeo was selected to lead the team given his experience, international visibility and profile in the areas of the environment and climate change mitigation.

Jagdeo was not in Guyana for the visit by President Santokhi and his delegation, but according to Dr. Ali that is because there was a competing priority that required his attendance at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Ali and Mr. Santokhi agreed to collaborate in their preparations for COP26 in Glasgow. They noted that as two high forest, low deforestation countries there is much scope for advancing the joint positions and interests of Guyana and Suriname at that most important Summit and beyond.

Particular emphasis was placed on the wider area of REDD Plus, including low carbon development and forest management, forest conservation, land reclamation and general climate change mitigation initiatives.

Dr. Ali said the two neighbouring countries want to explore, together, the benefits of the rainforests for profits on the carbon credit market. More than 80% of Guyana is forest with Suriname ranging over 90%.

“We recognise that we share similar conditions and opportunities as it relates to the environment and climate change.

“We are going to jointly approach the area of environment and climate change to come up with a common strategy for both Guyana and Suriname ahead of COP26… and in exploring the possibility of merging forest assets in the carbon credit market,” Dr. Ali said.

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