Cinemas can now sell snacks & drinks, operate at 60% capacity


The restrictions on the concession stands- those stands that sell snacks and drinks- in the local cinemas have been removed, according to the new COVID-19 measures announced by the government on Monday.

According to the updated COVID-19 Emergency measures, which take effect from September 1, cinemas are also allowed to operate at a 60% per cent capacity building or seating.

Last month, cinemas were granted permission to reopen and operate at 40 per cent capacity. Additionally, the guidelines noted that people who wish to attend the cinemas must show their vaccination card, meaning they would have had to have received at least one dose of a recognised COVID-19 vaccine.

Children, or those who are under the age of 18, will not be required to show a vaccination card. The measures also state that patrons and staff are required to wear their face masks.

This vaccination requirement has remained in the newly updated measures that have been published in the Official Gazette

The curfew also remains at 22:30 hrs to 04:00 hrs.

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